Pesticide Application

We believe it is imperative that GWB Tree Solutions personnel are highly trained, qualified and fully accountable when carrying out chemical control of pests and weeds.
Pesticide application is the process by which pesticides (including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, or nematode control agents) are delivered to their biological targets (e.g. pest organism, crop or other plant).  GWB Tree Solutions personnel engaged in pesticide application hold NPTC PA1 and PA6 Certificates of Competence, using knapsack or injection application techniques on a domestic and commercial scale. All personnel will wear appropriate personnel protection worn and used as per FISA Guide 202.

Supplier of Firewood

Please contact GWB Tree Solutions to arrange delivery of firewood at a time that suites you.

Ground Maintenance

  1. Grass cutting and strimming
  2. Pesticide application – as above.
  3. Shrub and flower bed maintenance
  4. Leaf clearing
  5. Hedge maintenance.


Emergency Tree Work Service

Emergency tree work serviceGWB Tree Solutions are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and for the customer’s convenience. 

The 24hr Emergency mobile number is 07969 558 809

Emergency tree removal serviceA tree can be unpredictable, affected by disease, decay and severe weather conditions.  The effects of this can be devastating should the tree fall.  It can cause an injury, damage to property and block access.  It is important to make a fallen tree safe as soon as possible to prevent further harm.   GWB Tree Solutions have a 24-hour mobile contact service where you can discuss the appropriate action required and call out charges.  Following your instruction GWB Tree Solutions will organise appropriate personnel and equipment to attend the scene and liaise with emergency services [should this be appropriate] to initially make the tree safe.  The complete removal of the tree may be removed at a later date.

To prevent the premature removal of your tree it is important to make sure that you have them regularly inspected and maintained by a qualified tree surgeon to promote the full lifespan of the tree.  Refer to our Tree services for more details.

Free No Obligation Quotations & Advice

We undertake both domestic and commercial projects and offer Free No Obligation Quotes for all services.  As experienced and fully qualified tree surgeons we will take the time to fully explain all the available options and offer you the most suitable recommendation.  We will follow up all estimates and are happy to return for further consultation.

Free Follow Up Service

For your peace of mind we are happy to either contact you by phone or return to the site at your request to assess the work completed and advise on any further works required.