Windblown Tree in Oswestry

This was a very large Ash tree that was 5 feet in diameter in some sections.

This Viaduct is a listed structure and the land owner has to keep it in good repair.

Llantysilio Hall near Llangollen

We have completed several jobs at Llantysilio Hall, the first job was several days clearing rhododendron and beginning the restoration of a Victorian part of the garden.

Sectional Dismantling of an Ash Tree

An Ash tree ordered to be removed by the highway agency as it posed a risk to the main road just outside Bala.

Bank Clearance near Llangollen

This contract in Llangollen was a challenging one, the access was very awkward as we had no turning space and the road was the same width as the land rover.

Sectional Dismantling of Seven Trees

Sectional dismantling of seven trees including a combination of Spruce and Larch.

Pesticide application onto rhododendron and windblown tree clearance for UPM TilHill.

Chainsaw Carving

Will Benny also sculpts with a chainsaw, creating beautiful wooden carvings for sale - contact us for more details.